Frequently asked questions

Have a question about plumbing? See our FAQ’s below.

Why call a plumber?

Plumbers have expertise in a range of household problems, which often require complicated procedures and equipment to fix.

If you try and fix a problem yourself, you could make costly errors. Meanwhile, a professional plumber has the training to fix your problem.

Furthermore a plumber has to follow regulations of the trade to ensure a safe working place.

At Local Plumbing Services Near Me we send only the best to deal with your emergency plumbing problems.

How can I deal with clogged drains?

A number of preventative measures can be used to reduce the likelihood of clogs. We advise that you take care when washing up or showering.

Avoid putting cooking grease, hair, and soap scum down the drain. You can buy a simple drain strainer to prevent this. Using baking soda and hot water occasionally is a handy DIY tool.

If you notice pools of water around your drain or unpleasant odours, call us so that we can unclog it. Do not try and do this yourself, as you may cause more damage.

Tap repaired by plumber.

What if I have a leak?

If you see water collecting on the floor, walls, etc., follow the drips. Since water follows the path of least resistance, it will definitely travel the same way should the leak be activated again.

You can use a paper towel to identify where the drips are coming from. Once done, call us: we will examine the leak source, identify the extent of damage, and fix it using appropriate tools and equipment.

Remember that even if you cannot identify the source of a leak, you may still see water stains on walls, etc. Leaks vary in speed and severity, and can be anywhere. Call us now to prevent further damage.